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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mozilla Thunderbird - Free e-mail Clint Software

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source POP and IMAP email client developed by, the same folks who brought you Firefox.  Feature-wise it sits somewhere between Outlook Express and Outlook, which means that it offers an upgrade to Express users and a downgrade to those who use the more advanced PIM features of Outlook.  Additional features can be added through free extensions.  Notable among these is Webmail, an extension that allows POP3 access to webmail services operated by Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos, MailDotCom, Gmail and Libero.  Thunderbird email files can be indexed by the Google, Yahoo! and Copernic desktop search programs.

Outlook Express users should seriously consider switching.  You’ll be rewarded with a more advanced product with these features:

   1. built-in spam filtering and RSS reader
    2. message color coding
    3. fast email search
    4. anti-phishing measures
    5. spell check as you type
    6. inbox filters
    7. Kerberos authentication
    8. automatic updates
    9. the ability to view your mail in conversational threads.

Download the software from the LINK



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