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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Write "Bengali" on Internet

In order to write we use some editor. Windows users use Microsoft Word, while for Baishakhi Linux Open-Office is used.

Open an editor depending on the Operating System (Baishakhi Linux or Windows). Press “Shift + Alt” to switch the language setting to Bangla.
Use the keyboard of your choice (Baishakhi / Baishakhi Inscript / Any other Unicode 5.0 compatible keyboard, that is installed in your system, to write in Bangla. 

It is advised that you have the keyboard layout viewer installed for your ready reference. Also, read the manual to familiarize yourself about the writing of the conjugates.

The advantages of writing in such Unicode compliant way are:

1. You may send your writing to any recipient, who only needs any Unicode 5.0 compliant font installed in his/her machine, to read it.
2. You need not convert your text to pdf format nor do you need to send a scanned document.
3. You will be able to write in Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers in the same way and consequently will be able to send mails in Bangla, directly through web mail services, such as G-Mail etc.

Download the software from the LINK



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