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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Xiaomi Mi4

5-inch Touchscreen, Android v4.4 OS, 13 MP Primary Camera, 8 MP Secondary Camera

The first picture in the above gallery is the "Theme" store, which offers free and paid themes. MIUI is all about customization, allowing you to change the icons, fonts, sounds, wallpaper, boot animation, and even the look of some of the packed-in apps. The Themes app is basically an app store just for themes and makes browsing easy with top lists, categories, and a featured section. Paid themes can be downloaded and applied for five minutes, making it easy to try before you buy.

Xiaomi has its own virtual currency called "MiCredits," which are used in all of Xiaomi's various stores (again, why this doesn't apply to apps is just weird). As far as we can tell, Mi Credits roughly work the same way as Microsoft Points. You put your money in a virtual bucket and then take money out of that bucket to pay for stuff.

There are tons of options for getting money into your MiCredits bucket, everything from a credit card to various money transfer services to a MiCredit prepaid card that is sold in stores. You can also use any one of these services to send MiCredits to another person just by typing in their Xiaomi account number. The "PC" option sounds interesting, but it just instructs you to type a webpage into a computer, where you can fill in any of these options with a real keyboard.

You can purchase from Flipkart .


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