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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Download Courier Business Management Software FREE

Features of the software
The Courier Account Management Software is developed by Technosys for maintaining
Courier business. The features of the software are described below.
1. Courier Account
a. Customer Ledger. You can enter your customer’s details with previous due if
any, e-mail. You can also modify the details and also can delete customer if
due is 0.
b. Consignment Booking. Here you can register your courier consignment details
like CN No. Destination PIN code, Courier Partner, Consignment Type, and
Weight, Shipment Details etc. with both cash and credit options. You can
also print individual consignment details.
c. Customer Payment. Here you can keep the record of customer payment
with provision of viewing details ledger of selected customer.
2. Report.
a. Old Consignment. Here you can reprint your previous consignment also you
can delete consignment if necessary
b. Print Credit Bill By Date : Here you can print the details of consignment booked
between selected dates by your credit customers
c. Total Collection By Date: Here you can print details of total amount collected
between selected dates.
d. Customer Due List. Here you can view due list of credit customer
e. Cash Flow. Here you can view cash flow larger
f. View Total Booking. Here you can view total booking made on a particular
3. Tools
a. Backup / Restore.
b. Edit Company Information.
c. Print Company Information.




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